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Goddesses have always been with me. As a child I was literary lost in reading Greek and Roman myths. Raised in the world of monoteistic religion and culture, I was fascinated that everything in the Hellenic land: countries, cities, forests, rivers and even smallest trees and springs had their divine or at least semi-divine protectors. When I was five, I asked my mum, Do we have goddesses in our country? and I was really dissapointed when I found out we hadn’t  .

I suppose that if the ancient Hellens, Celts or Indians lived in our world, they would not be as much surprised of the fact that the God is one as of the belief that there is no Goddess. Of course even monotheistic religions have some female features and characters. Judaism has Esther, Judith and Deborah, in Christianity there are Mary and Mary Magdalene and in Islam – Khadijah, Aisha and Fatimah. They are all well respected by the worshippers of these religions but still they are all human. They don’t have any divine powers themselves, they are mortal and subordinated to God.

I am neither atheistic nor anti-religious. What I am missing is Balance because just like Mary Daly, a great American theologian said, If God is malethen male is God.

Some time ago I came across the oracle cards of goddesses and I found them fascinating. The oracle cards are the sort of divination and counselling cards useful in self-development or life crises. They are similar to angel, unicorn, fairy or ascended masters oracle cards, however because of its subject they are destined mostly for women. I have come across two decks:




I also found two Tarot decks which are connected with the subject:

UNIVERSAL GODDESS TAROT by Maria Caratti with the pictures of Antonella Platano, it is a bit cartoon like but still interesting


THE GODDESS TAROT created by Kris Waldherr, a very interesting one, based on the images of the Rider – Waite – Smith deck, but with set within the tradition of Aleister Crowley.

Of course you can read cards using only short guidebooks which accompany the decks, but if you want to get more information, you must have a profound mythological knowledge. I haven’t come across any good studies about these decks nor advice how to use them so I decided to do it myself. 

In this blog I am going to concentrate on presenting the goddesses from all over the world, rendering the myths in which they appear, showing their images in various decks, symbols connected with them and most importantly on the meaning of their divination cards based on archetypes and psychology hidden in their legends.

This is my personal interpretation so it is not full nor objective and if you want to work with these cards seriously, you have to find your own code with them. I agree on non-commercial use of the information given here provided that you will include the name of the author and the blog link. Images presented here come from the decks I own and are posted for non-commercial use.