“Let silence take you to the core of life.”

“My Soul gave me good counsel, teaching me to listen to the voices not produced by tongues, nor shouted from throats. Now … I sip at silence and listen to its inwardness that chants songs of the eons, reciting praises of the sky, announcing the mysteries of the Unseen.”
~Kahlil Gibran


Silence in Gnostic cosmology, primary female Principle who emanated other aeons including Sophia (Wisdom).


Gnosticism was a popular philosophy of the Roman’s Empire’s  eastern lands (especially Egypt and Phoenicia) in the first and second century of our era. It combined the elements of Christian, Hellenic and Roman philosophies (especially Gnosis, dualism and Hermeticism). One of its major assumptions is the domination of energy over matter and the necessity of constant self-development; soul’s redemption occurs on the path of Gnosis i.e. enlightenment, emancipation, the oneness with God. Gnostic movement was diverse and was early condemned by the Church Fathers thus the original writings have not remained and the Gnostic views were preserved only in the papers of its adversaries. It was not changed until 1945 when the papyri of Nag Hammadi were discovered. As a consequence of this finding, it was possible to reconstruct Gnostic gospels and other important writings presenting Gnostic philosophy.

Most Gnostic systems are based on the concept of aeons, the emanations of God who is known as The One, Absolute, the Monad, Aion Teleos (The Broadest Aeon), Bythos (Depth), Proarkhe (Before the Beginning), Arkhe (Beginning). Depending on the school the aeons are differently classified and named but for the purpose of this post I only concentrate on the beliefs of Valentinianism. The Valentinians considered aeons to be twin pairs of male and female energies called syzygies; the primary ideal Principles are male Bythos, Proarkhe or Propator and female Ennoia (Thought, Intent), Charis (Charis) or Sige (Silence). They conceived and emanated male aeon Nous (Mind) and female Aletheia (Truth) from whom Zoe (Life) and Logos (Word) originate together with other twin male – female aeons who form Pleroma (Oneness, Fullness)*.


The last and the youngest female aeon was Sophia (Wisdom) who, due to ignorance or the need of forming, emanated Demiurge, the creator of the material world, and therefore lost her place in Pleroma. To save her and human kind, Bythos emanated Christ who was born as Yeshua and taught people how to achieve the state of enlightenment (Gnosis).

Valentinian Pleroma

According to the Valentinian system, two perennial coexisting Principles began the life in the Universe by emanating aeons in their likeness, i.e. male&female ones and creative by nature (because they emanated further aeons). It is not clear whether two primary Principles have always been dual. According to the previous beliefs and even some Valentinians, the primary Principles were either above all the sex or a hermaphrodite who split into male and female elements. Also according to Cyril of Jerusalem, Sige was Bythos’ daughter and with him she conceived Logos but it has to be mentioned that the author was a relentless critic of both Arians and Gnostics and presented this origin only to ridicule them (it is similar with Irenaeus of Lyon who sneers at the idea of Silence and Word coexisting in one Pleroma). 

As a matter of fact, nomen est omen because it is the silence which surrounds Sige herself and it is difficult to find any information about her. However, her message in the card decks is very clear, Be aware of the fact that silence is a great force.  It is wise to decide when it is better not to speak or not to answer. Experience the creative silence of concentration before you start acting. This is the goddess of contemplation who convinces us to slow down, to ponder and to rest. Remember that when you are alone and you do not communicate with environment, you contact your true self. We often crave for love and acceptance so much that we suppress our real needs. Our civilization pushes us to live in the community and therefore being alone and silent may cause anxiety in us. Drawing the card of Sige helps us find the power to confront ourselves.

Sige shows the non-action which comes not from indifference but from the ability to think and to observe. She reminds us that the word can both heal and kill and once it is said, it cannot be unsaid. If Logos was born from Silence, it means that Silence is creative by nature and it incorporates the element of searching for knowledge and understanding. Because of its feminine aspect, this knowledge is intuitive and subconscious but without searching we shall not attain the enlightenment**. The power of silence is within each of us and each of us must confront it at some point of life. If we do listen, the silence and focus can speak loudly and clearly but when we try to ignore them, they begin to scream and to demand attention.

This is the power of concentration and inspiration indispensable before we start acting. It brings to my mind the message of the Fool (Zero or Twenty – Second Major Arcanum of Tarot) and the letter Alef of the Hebrew alphabet, This is the moment when we have an idea but it remains unspecified yet, it has only begun developing in our mind and it has not been showed to the world yet. This is the moment when we take a breath to present our idea to the public, to name it and to make all our expectations, assumptions and talents happen but before the first word is pronounced everything can still be changed. There is still time to modify the nature of the word because it is still being created.***


No images of Sige survived antiquity and it is not certain whether they existed at all.



Person showed by the card of Sige is close-mouthed and silent, often shy but also wise. When accompanied by other cards (e.g . Persephone) it may suggest a difficult childhood, quarrels in the family or opinionated parents. When negative it shows a person who either talks too much, is unable to listen to others, tells lies, gossips or expresses an opinion but thinks about about something different and does yet another thing.


You can feel overwhelmed by the amount of events in your life now. Perhaps some serious disturbances in everyday routine such as disease or loss of something valuable will force you to stop and reconsider what you really need and how to achieve it. Do not make any serious decisions at the moment as it is not the time to act. Avoid noise, do not shout at others, try not to let racing thoughts overpower your mind, do not react to provocations nor answer back. It is advised to to calm down and meditate. If it is possible, take a couple of days off. If it is not, ask the people who surround you to give you a breather. This must be the time only for you.


In a relationship: possible problems with communication. Listen to your beloved more and speak less yourself. It is probable that conflicts have grown to such an extent that a (temporal) separation is required.

If you are single:  this is the time for you, you are advised to concentrate on observation and learning, not on flirting. Perhaps you withdrew from your social networks or family life.


This is not a good moment to act, you should rather spend it on thinking the problem over or planning a strategy.  While searching for a job this cards encourages to plan your own business especially in the professions requiring creativity and intelligence. It is also a warning that either your boss or your colleagues do not tell us everything or maybe even hide something important.


Pay attention to the diagnosis because something may be unnoticed or neglected during the examination. It is possible that you must consult at least a couple of doctors before the reason of  disease will be determined.  Do not pull an all-nighter and try to get enough sleep . You do need rest and peace, if you do not take a break now health problems will soon affect you seriously. Endangered parts of the body: larynx, pharynx, throat, thyroid, tonsils and tongue.


The first image of Sige comes from the deck of Pamela Matthews and personally I consider it to be extremely beautiful.

The one from the deck of Doreen Virtue seems a bit like a Disney princess.

Sige in Doreen Virtue's deck

*First eight aeons are called The Ogdoad.

**The purpose of Gnosis is is the liberation from the constraints of the world and achieving  enlightenment.

*** Based on the programmes of Danuta the Tarot Reader and translated from Polish.

Based on and English Wikipedia, ,



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