Hello everyone!

I am making a separate entry about the Facebook’s profile of Goddess Nephthys which I have been running since a couple of weeks.

This page had been created by Lisa Frideborg Lloyd who decided to quit Facebook but wanted to keep the page working and asked for a volounteer to become an administrator. I was reluctant at first because I have already been maintaining 6 pages on Facebook (yes, even I can’t believe that ) but the time was running and I couldn’t stand the thought of this page being deleted together with Lisa’s account. So I sent an offer which was accepted and here I am, the  new administrator .

I think Lisa was concentrating mostly on the mystical side of the goddess while I have more history and mythology based approach but in the end just like the introduction says this is the page in honour of the great goddess Nephthys. I am personally somehow disappointed that contrary to Isis Nephthys is not included in any ‘regular’ decks of goddess oracle cards that I have come across (and you know I have collected at least several of them). After all she was equally popular in ancient Egypt as her sister and they are often paired in the funeral paintings and sculptures. While Isis with Osiris represent fertility, Nephthys with Seth bring the aspect of ending and rest. It’s sad that modern culture concentrates only on the first aspect. It is neither natural nor healthy. You cannot grow and blossom all the time. Soil needs autumn and winter to rest and to prepare for a new season.

I am not going any further into this topic because I sincerely hope that despite lack of Nephthys’ representations in the card decks I will make a separate post about her sooner or later. And meanwhile I would like to invite you to visit Goddess Nephthys profile on Facebook. Please feel free to like, leave a comment or contribute in any other way.

Many blessings to everyone



  1. Hi ~ I just wanted to let you know that I have an Oracle deck called The Anubis Oracle and Nephthys is represented along with many of the Egyptian deities. It is by Nicki Scully and Linda Star Wolf.

    Nephthys card is card number two, and is the High Priestess card representing intuition and mystery.

    Many blessings ~

    • Melissa, thank you for your info! If my memory serves me well this card is in one of the albums on the profile, I’ll check it and if not I’ll try to find it myself. Thanks again 🙂

  2. I just looked and it’s on the wall photos album. It’s a great oracle deck : )

    • Btw I think I’ll rearange the photos in the albums in a more thematic way, that should help to focus on the images 🙂

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