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1. Prepare yourself and your space. Find time and place when you feel safe, you do not have to hurry and no one interrupts you. The time of spreading cards is just for you, tell your family not to bother you for some time and turn your phone off, you will need a moment of silence and concentration. It does not matter when you spread cards, a morning kind of person feels fine when reading them at 6 am while for  ‘night owls’ such time definitely is not the best moment. Whenever you want to do it, just make sure you are not  tired, sick nor distracted and you can concentrate on this task only.

2. Light a candle and/or an incense, they are said to raise vibrations by keeping the lower ones away  and making you feel calm. You can also use protective symbols such as a pentagram. Some people need  absolute silence but if gentle music helps you to concentrate, you can play it. It is good to ask  Higher Forces for help and protection (be it God/Goddess, Nature or your Higher Self). Regardless of how blasphemous it may seem for some highly religious people, I always address my questions to The One&his  Wisdom.

3. Calm down and focus on your question (look below how to form it properly). You can meditate if it  helps you. Keep your emotions on the leash especially if the question concerns you, otherwise your  wishes and emotional states will show up in the spread instead of clear answers. If you are not centered, cards will express what you WANT to see, not the best possible solution.

4. It is very important to spread cards when both your body and mind are healthy and in good condition.  Working with cards requires a lot of mental energy and you can feel exhausted when you finish. Do not do  anything because you are pressured or challenged. If you do not feel like spreading cards, better stay away from them.

5. Each person has their own rituals. Personally I have a set of activities before spreading cards: I  wash my hands, I place a dark tablecloth, I concentrate by asking myself ‘What will cards tell  me? What will be their answer to my question?’. With time you will probably develop your own rituals.


The basic thing while spreading cards is a well-formed question. Cards answer any question sufficiently  on the condition they understand it.

1. Make sure you ask about one thing at the time. Do not ask, Will he break up with me and if so will he be with someone else and will I find someone else too and who will it be? Limit yourself to Will he break up with me? and if the answer is positive, you can ask another question, How will my emotional life will look like after that?

2. Do not repeat the already asked question unless the situation has changed. Do not try to ask for the same thing using similar questions (first, Does he cheat on me? and later, Is he faithful to me?). Personally I would like to discourage you from asking the same question to different divinationary systems hoping that the answer will be different. If he is to break up, he will do it anyway and runes will only show it in a different way than Tarot or Lenormand cards. If you asked a question and spread the cards, you have to be satisfied with the answer you got. Accept it. Cards are not toys.

3. It is good to ask precise questiones aimed at resolving the problem, What can I do to make him stay?.

4. Do not ask questions such as Should I dump him first? or Will it be good if I dump him first? Cards will not make decision instead of you and you should not make them responsible for you own life. It would be better to ask them, What will happen if I break up with him?

5. When you hesitate what to do, you can first spread cards asking question, What will happen if I break up with him? and next asking question What will happen if I stay with him?. Then you can compare spreads and make a decision.

6. Do not confuse cards. Do not ask, Does he love me or not? because you convey two contradictory issues in one question. Remember to ask as clear and precise questions as possible. The more concrete, specific and definite question the more concrete, specific and definite answer.

7. When asking questions about other people say or think of their name and date or birth. It will direct the energy towards this specific person. I suggest not to ask questions about people with whom we have no direct relations. They are aimed not at helping people but satisfying your curious ego so you better not ask, Will Angelina dump Brad?.

8. I suggest not to ask questions which can be answered without spreading cards such as Am I pregnant?. It is easier and safer to go to chemist’s and get a pregnancy test. For the same reason it makes no sense to ask cards will the royal baby be a boy or a girl. You will find out in a couple of months time.

9. The only question you should never ask is When I/Mr X/Ms Y will die?. It is not up to us to decide about other people’s fate.  Only The One&his Wisdom know the answer.

10. I suggest writing the question and making a picture of a spread. You can come back to them later to verify your interpretation. As a professional translator I can see many similarities with the craft of making translation: the first version is a draft, you prepare it simply by using your knowledge of target and source language. Then you have to leave it for some time and occupy your mind with different issues because when you come back to it later, you will have a fresh and more objective look. It’s the same with spreading cards, you ask a question, place the cards, search for meanings and form an interpretaion. You can later verify what you predicted and add your personal meanings to cards, find out your mistakes etc. This is how you learn.