I have written a post about how to use cards, you may want to recall the advice in Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4. Here is the information taken from the booklet to the deck Gemstones Predict Future:


In the booklet you will find descriptions of divinationary meanings, zodiac signs and planets traditionally associated with the stone are provided next to its name. Below a specific meaning of the card in a regular and reversed position is presented, the first word, written in capital letters, is the basic and most important essence of the stone. While interpreting a spread you are to choose the adequate meaning from all of the ones provided. Your intuition and experience acquired by regular excersising will help you find a precise interpretation. Good luck!

Gemstones have been divided into six groups containing the stones of the following colours:

1. white and clear

2. blue and purple

3. yellow, orange and brown

4. green

5. red and pink

6. black and grey

Each of the colour groups contains seven gemstones placed in order 1 – 7. Thus each gemstone is characterised by the number which corresponds to its position in a group and adds additional symbolic meaning.

Number One is a kind of ‘ace’, stones numbered as One are the ones of purest vibration in each group.

Number Two signifies division and movement.

Number Three stands for synthesis and spirituality.

Number Four indicates matter and Earth.

Number Five represents excellence and human being.

Number Six marks balance and intuition.

Number Seven states fulfilment and a full circle.

There is a sign on each card presenting its number; all these signs have been created from sections making the symbol of number. Here are the symbolic representations of  cards’ numerical value.

one 1  – One

two 2 – Two

three 3 – Three

four 4 – Four

five 5 – Five

six 6 – Six

seven 7 – Seven


All of you who read the cycle about gemstones, especially English native speakers: could you please give me feedback about the text? Is it comprehensible? Are there any expressions or phrases that are not clear for you? Are there any things that could be expressed better or more naturally in English?

I am planning to offer this translation to a publishing house so I want it to be as good as possible. Thank you in advance for your remarks!

gems cards


  1. Hi Anna, Just my point of view typically the semi-colon is used to separate 2 distinct, complete thought which the 1st sentence does , however it is a bit awkward. Also the usage of “you will find” twice with in the 1st two sentences is redundant and again a a bit awkward. Lastly, the beginning of the last sentence I’d grammatically awkward. I’m happy to give you my opinion of different options or talk it through with you,either way.

    I enjoy reading your posts and enjoy reading all the info in your site!

    Ami Papadopulo Columbus,Ohio

    Sent from my iPad


    • Thank you very much, this is exactly what I meant! 🙂 I made some corrections, hope it sounds better now. Greetings to you :-*

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