Zodiac sign: Cancer, Taurus/ planet: Venus, Saturn

Regular position:

REVIVAL, life, regeneration, the power of nature, energy increasing, youth, well – being, making complicated matters clear, renewed friendship or love

Reversed position:

ruthlessness, being unrelenting, rapacity, ordeal, cruelty, greed, insensibility, indifference to the problems of others



Zodiac sign: Aries, Scorpio/ planet: Mars, Venus

Regular position:

SACRIFICE, suffering, forgiveness, become mature, satisfactory charity work, love for others, sacrifice for family and loved ones, brotherhood, connection, oath

Reversed position:

ingratitude, underestimation, intolerance, thoughtlessness, overlooking, mediocrity, atheism, an unbeliever, loss, perdition



Zodiac sign: Pisces, Libra/ planet: Sun, Mercury

Regular position:

PROSPERITY, inner peace, bliss, time of peace, agreement, summer, excursion, vacation, pleasure, giving or receiving help, a good team, someone you can rely on, a teacher, a diplomat, a philosopher

Reversed position:

balancing on the edge, imprudence, too high self – esteem, memory, dream, sleep, longing for something that will not come back, distorted view of present situation, escape



Zodiac sign: Scorpio, Taurus/ planet: Venus, Moon

Regular position:

NATURE, returning to the source, instinct, contacting the forces of Nature, soothing, understanding animals and plants, co – existence, a shaman, an explorer, a searcher

Reversed position:

fatigue, need to rest, negative aspects of civilisation, loss of natural energy, imbalance, lack of respect to the laws of Nature, contact broken off, asking for forgiveness



Zodiac sign: Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius/ planet: Earth, Saturn

Regular position:

RESPONSIBILITY, care for the Planet, ecology, empathy, home, care about your loved ones and environment, peace, acting as a group

Reversed position:

destruction, predominant ego, lack of respect for others, carelessness, lack of foresight, stupidity, isolation, fooling yourself, commercialism, destroying individuality, destroying nature, arrogance



Zodiac sign: Aquarius, Gemini, Cancer/ planet: Venus, Moon

Regular position:

HOPE, enjoying the moment, precious present moment, taking care of your loved ones, being natural in love, acceptance, serene mood, optimism, action plan, socializing, liking, telepathy, joy, family house

Reversed position:

longing for the loved one, temporary separation, waiting, necessary effort, fervent prayer and strong belief that what you are asking for will be given to you, temptations



Zodiac sign: Virgo, Cancer/ planet: Jupiter, Venus

Regular position:

MASTERY, perfection, happy medium, knowledge and reasoning, longevity, good memory, unlimited possibilities, talent shown in action, patience rewarded, a master, a fiancé, a fiancée

Reversed position:

searching for an authority figure, studying, persistent learning, consequent practice, pursuit of wealth, beginning of the journey, persistence



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