Monthly Archives: December 2014


Hello to all of you

As you may know my name is Anna and I have been running this blog since 2011. I am interested in all sorts of cards but my favourite ones are the goddess oracle cards. I publish the information about mythology and symbols connected with goddesses and my own interpretations of goddess cards resulting from those. I belong neither to Wicca nor any other forms of pagan cults. I tend to explore the topic from the psychological, not religious point of view and I am only interested in female deities as archetypes.

Due to lack of time I am forced to suspend posting new episodes for the time being. However, I am going to

– refresh, refine and reblog some of already published posts


– continue reviewing goddess oracle card decks (I have so many of them that I will have plenty of work to do).

I have also admitted that my dream is to publish my own deck which already exists and works in the form of little carton pieces with goddess names on them. I do realise, however, that for the purpose of issue the goddesses images and a solid booklet are required. This is why I suspended my work over the deck until the moment I have enough time to prepare it in peace. I want to base the booklet on solid works, not on the Internet pages, so it may take some time.

I am now working hard on my own story which you can find here. If you are interested in the world of fantasy and esoterics, you are invited.

Thank you for reading, commenting and supporting me in my work. Enjoy the end of the year and see you in 2015!