I have recently got some nasty comments and emails expressing anger about posting the oracle cards with nude Hindu goddesses on my blog. I ignored them at first but perhaps it is better to explain this matter in a clear and logical way to finish it once and for all. As Michelle from Allo, Allo used to say, Listen very carefully, I shall say this only once.

So here are my three short points.

Primo: writing to me is useless because I am not the author of these images (and I point it clearly on my blog that I post them for cognitive and educational purpose). If you really are so angry that a goddess is presented nude, you should address the painters themselves.

In a very polite way, I suggest.

Secundo: someone wrote to me in this manner:

But u guys need to understand and that is pls stop using the word Mythology … Becos these personalities are not fictional… They are real… U never say bible mythology or quran mythology … And that to whr the world knw these two are formed religions which are formed on faith… Whereas vedic culture is for everybody…

And secondly pls dont depict nude images of Goddesss … They wont present themselves so nude and sensually… They had a divinty in them…. In west that would be the culture…but not in Vedic civilisation…

Well, but IT IS MYTHOLOGY! 😀 Every religion is based on mythology that you for some reasons believe in, whether you like it or not. The fact that you have a certain image of deity in your mind does not mean that this is an exact representation of the divinity. It is just the image your religion instilled in your mind. God/Goddess/higher force does not have to look and behave like this (or they do not have to exist at all as the atheists claim). In fact the more human traits we see in a deity, the more we worship egregore, not the divinity itself. But that is another topic and it is too complicated to explain it here. If you wish to explore this topic, I suggest reading the texts of Rudolf Steiner and Joseph Campbell. If you dare, of course… I must warn you this knowledge may destroy the beliefs you are fond of and broaden yours horizons.

To put things simple: the fact that you believe in a certain image of a deity does not have to imply that everyone else must believe in it, too. This is the basic truth and I shall stick to that even though personally I prefer the traditional art rather than New Age pictures. But if someone feels like showing a god or goddess without clothes, they have the right to do it. People do have the right not to feel the same as you when it comes to different things, including religion or spirituality. In fact, the people of art have always had more freedom in doing so than the worshippers of any religion.

Deal with that.

I also suggest you take a deeper look at your culture and art because as far as I know it is not strictly prohibited to present partially nude deities. Have a look at the murals in Kerala presenting Shiva and Parvati

shiva and parvati

Or the numerous sculptures of Kali (here is the one from Calcutta)


It seems that the attitude to body and sex is not as rigid as in the case of monotheistic religions. I am not even going to mention the sculptures adorning the Khajuraho Temple which could embarrass even the porn stars.

3b3798aeb5732c3a4a1ed8c8d37cee5f 50b21cce6f22d158d0170f01678d3f3e 3e39bc9c9481854e353e2dc18059c51f 83e7073b59a2f11d605d80eeddd5d7e7 3eee1c9d17d707fb63999463eaa16551 c78a5c3a037533ed3e156ba61d4cb593 d0425c60e437ff61fbc620eb3c1bde46

d92148fcdaaa6dead29880b1c9cce560 05e40e2bcd62b7c4e498b640ea48b701

But sure, if you want to, you can always say I am a Westerner so I cannot understand. I do not care much about it and accusing me of being wrong will automatically make you feel better.

In fact while checking what phrases make people come to this blog, I was puzzled why the combination ‘kali/lakshmi/parvati/durga/saraswati + nude + sex + pics’ appears so often in search. To show you what I mean let me post just a yesterday’s sample:

hindu goddesses1

And it is not a unique case, it has been going like this since many months.

This gives me the right to conclude that some people search for these phrases just to come here and get offended (and show me how offended they are). If you do this, then I am sorry to inform you that such behaviour is pathetic.

Tertio: Do not threaten to sue me. Do not try to make me feel guilty (‘you would not show your mother like this!’). Do not threaten me with bad karma. These are just coarse emotional blackmails and I got quite a blackmail-proof throughout my life. Take care of your own karma and I shall take care of mine.

If you want to see the goddesses the way you were taught, go rather to the temple, do not waste your time on searching on the Internet.

I have written all of that not because I hate the Hindu beliefs. I do not hate religions but I do not have to obey their rules either.

It is perfectly all right to be critical about something and yet respect the people who believe in it. But having respect for somebody does not have to mean following their beliefs.

I hope I made myself clear.

15 responses to “ABOUT HINDU GODDESSES

  1. Thank you for your website and for sharing your intelligent reply (re the Hindu Goddesses & nudity).

  2. Wow! Don’t these people have anything to do with their time than to trash a very beautiful tradition in a long standing religion. It must be those uptight Americans ashamed about their bodies.
    These images were to prepare a young couple for marriage.
    It was important to build passion and devotion to your spouse who is also your lover.

  3. Brava! It couldn’t been said any better by anyone.

  4. Stacey Daniels-Dattilo

    Way to go Anna! I love your blog just the way it is and appreciate all of the information you post. Blessed be!!!

  5. konrad von austerlitz

    Greetings Anna Solun, Each temple may have its own interpretation and culture: each may be rather like a transcendental fortress ( Egypt likewise ).

    Hope all goes well and BRAVA! Konrad von Austerlitz ________________________________

  6. well i agree completely with your explanation bt there are many more images to choose from …even i would like you to convey to the authors of the photographs that if you want them to be bare breasted please at least paint well … look at sculptures of khajuraho though never a god or goddess is depicted in sexual intercourse(yes there breast are visible through a fine cloth), gave a beautiful impression.
    These pics are rather ugly and are made with intention of mocking them one more thing do not look at those picture with a lustful eye a mother’s breast is source of life not pot of lust…jai mataji

    • Just three points again: 1. ‘at least paint well’: You might not light it. Somebody else might like it a lot. De gustibus non est disputandum. That’s the beauty of art. 2. ‘never a god or goddess is depicted in sexual intercourse’: Same is with the goddess oracle cards, no author presented here has painted a pornographic picture of the goddess. 3. ‘do not look at those picture with a lustful eye a mother’s breast is source of life not pot of lust’: You touch here another aspect of spirituality, i.e. perceiving divinity through your own psyche and repressing in deities the elements that are not accepted in own nature. No worries, I shall deal with this subject, too. Thank you for your comment.

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