Sun in Leo, Time For Ishtar

This time of the year Leo enters the sign of Leo so I thought I may remind you one of the goddesses associated with this animal. My choice is Ishtar, you can read more about her in this post.

I have also been asked about the Kamienie Mówią gemstone oracle deck so I just want to clarify that all I translated is here on my blog (see all the posts here). I skipped some parts from the booklet including spreads, mostly because I had neither time nor energy to deal with the whole text. Besides I think this info was not essential and you can use the cards without it, after all I suspect you already have some experience when it comes to oracle cards and most of us have their own favourite spreads anyway. However, I have just been told that one of my readers may translate the missing parts in the future, in this case I will definitely help her and post her translation on the blog, too.

I have also been asked about my own deck. I must tell you that so far the whole work was done on the practical level, i.e. I was gaining insight and experience in communicating with the cards by spreading them to my family and friends and I think at this point I am really satisfied with what I learnt. The time to move my work to the artistic level is getting closer, I think at the beginning of next year I will be able to inform you about the progress and offer you some practical opportunities to see how it works. I will definitely keep you updated and for now I am leaving you with Ishtar.

Ishtar in The Oracle of the Goddess by Gayan Sylvie Winter&Jo Dosé

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