A Change Is Coming: Cooperation With An Astrologer

Here is another part of news about the changes that are happening in my life now.

I am happy to announce you that I have started collaboration with Ewa Krajewska, an astrologer and a traveller. Ewa studied Spanish and has lived for almost eight years in Mexico working as a tourist guide. She has written many articles about the mysterious beauty of Latin America to the Polish magazines about travelling and esoteric knowledge.  When she returned to Poland, she has devoted herself to the astrological studies in the Warsaw School of Astrology and the lectures of Polish Astrological Association’s (PSA). Apart from astrology Ewa is also interested in Tarot, runes, numerology and the ancient Aztec techniques of fortune-telling such as casting corn seeds. She enjoys travelling and going to concerts, her favourite bands are Placebo, Muse and Apocaliptica. She speaks Polish, Spanish and English.

 I recommend Ewa wholeheartedly because I had been her client before we became friends and I am constantly impressed by her knowledge and the conscientious way she approaches her work. I share with her the same attitude  to esoteric knowledge, we are both deeply spiritual and very much down-to-earth at the same time. Ewa has her own specific, very simple and clear way of writing about astrology as you can see on her page. She has good knowledge and the practical approach to the subject,  I am sure I am not the only person who appreciates this attitude.

It was natural for us to start collaboration so we decided on a simple deal: each person who orders any astrological analysis by Ewa will get 10% discount for any reading from me and similarly if you had card reading done by me, you will get 10% discount for any astrological analysis from Ewa.

If you need a good and affordable astrologer, I can certainly recommend Ewa.





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