Excerpt: How Do Our Brain Hemispheres Work?

Happy Sunday everyone!

I just want to say I have refurbished the blog a bit so hopefully the layout is clearer and easier to read now. I am also working on my YouTube channel, I decided not to start the new season of Solunism yet but I am editing older videos and extracting shorter pieces. When I was recording these videos, the last thing I would think of was their length, I just wanted to get out of my mind the thoughts which have been staying unshared for far too long, blocking neural pathways and causing mental traffic jams. Now that I have recorded these videos, I can make them shorter and more viewer-friendly.

I am starting with an extract of Episode 2 called How Does Card Reading Work?, you can see the whole here. Below the video you will find the written version of this extract.

 I also want to remind you that I am spreading cards professionally now so if you want to order card reading, you can contact me here


I will not tell you ‘Like, Share and Subscribe’ because I assume that if you like my channel, you will do it anyway. And if you don’t, I am ok with that, no hard feelings.

But if you have any questions, just let me know.

Thank you for watching!

Anna Solun


The first season of Solunism is devoted to the vast subject of reading cards. It is not an easy topic to discuss due to the attention the Western culture pays to science, facts and logics while reading cards is based on intuition, inner sight and reception of images. You might get to think these sets of features are contradictory but I tend to think of them as of complementary.

So let us follow the Western traditions and start with some scientific facts.

1. Scientific fact number 1:  we all have brains.

I know some people are mindless but nobody is brainless.

2. Scientific fact number 2: brains have two hemispheres.

The hemispheres are varied by nature and have a different set of activities to coordinate in your life. None is better or more important, the fact that they both create your brain means you should use the two of them, not just one.

So if they could somehow introduce themselves to you they would probably do it this way:


I’m a scientist. Mathematician. I like what I already know. I put things into categories. I am accurate. I think in a linear fashion, from beginning to end. I’m analytical. I rely on strategy. I’m practical. I’m always in control. I am a master in the art of expression. I am a realist. My job is to calculate equations and to use of numbers. I am orderly. I am logical. I recognize sequences, words, letters and numbers. I have a sense of time. Speech is my strength. You need me while expressing yourself in words, writing, reading, counting, memorizing and analyzing. I’m responsible for short-term memory. First of all, I see the words. I make you perceive everything objectively. I am interested in the purpose. I help you to show yourself the outside world.

I know exactly who I am.


I’m creative! I am a free spirit! I am filled with passion! I like the unknown. I am emotional. I wish. I feel. I laugh. I cry. I dream. I create. I perceive through all the senses. I think in a way multi-directional way, moving away from the initial problem. I synchronize. I am always in motion. I am spontaneous. I am vivid colours and moving music. I am the need to create. I am unrestricted imagination. My interests are art and poetry. I recognize areas, faces, places and objects. I have a sense of space. Imagination is my advantage. You need me in creating, finding innovative solutions, colour vision, listening to music and orientation in space. I’m responsible for long-term memory. First of all, I see the images. I make you perceive everything subjectively. I am interested in fun. I direct your inner life.

I’m everything I want.







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