Excerpt: ‘I Am Afraid To Go To A Card Reader!’

Another short extract from Episode 2 called How Does Card Reading Work?, you can see the whole here. Below the video you will find the written version.

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Anna Solun

The first season of Solunism is devoted to the vast subject of reading cards. It is not an easy topic to discuss due to the attention the Western culture pays to science, facts and logics while reading cards is based on intuition, inner sight and reception of images. You might get to think these sets of features are contradictory but I tend to think of them as of complementary.

Reading cards resembles translating from one language into another one, but not from one language of words into another language of words (like from English into Spanish), it is the translation from the language of images, archetypes, colours and symbols into language of the situation we are asking about. As a card reader I have to understand the meaning of the card and apply it to the question I am posing.

This is why reading cards activate both your hemispheres.

Personally, as a professionally trained translator, I find card reading to be very pleasant activity which corresponds with my nature and touches the deepest core of my psyche.

Some people are afraid to read the cards either by themselves or by another person. They are scared to hear the “bad” news which will reveal their fate and they think there is nothing they can do about it.

This is a common misconception.

Primo: the news which you consider to be bad now may turn out not be that bad in the future. If you want to marry someone who is not good for you but you cannot see it yet, perhaps it is better to find out now than in 10 years time when you already have two kids, a house, a car and a bunch of credits.

Secundo: cards do not determine your fate. You always have choice even if the situation seems to be complicated. To give you the example: you work in a corporation but would rather run your own little flower shop and you want to know if it you are able to make money. So I spread the cards and see the outcome based on your current state of knowledge, energy, determination, etc. Of course I would like to answer positively but sometimes the cards show the less favourable result. It might be that you will not gain the money immediately but the profits are visible in the long term future. Now you have at least three choices:

1.You can stay in the corporation and resign from starting your own flower shop because you only heard the information about obstacles on your way.

2.You can wait still working in the corporation but slowly preparing yourself to start your flower shop. This will help you to “cheat” the time and begin in the good moment.

3.You can decide that you have enough of work in the corporation and cannot wait anymore with doing what you love so you are staring your flower shop now. Still you will be able to persist the tough beginnings, you will not be discouraged and you will not quit because you are prepared that the start will require more work, energy and money but then the profits will come.

If you are afraid to hear the “bad” news it is probably because you are not ready to hear it either because you have not processed this possibility in your mind yet or you are not mature enough to deal with the problem.

The card reader is here to help you find the way out the problem but will not resolve the problem for you. We live in the world which is not soul-friendly where culture, religion, family and friends tell us what to do basing on the strict rules, not your own personal needs. They often act from the level of ego and want to express their opinions while a good card reader will never tell you what to do. They will only show you the information but you have to choose yourself.



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