Excerpt: Why A Card Reader May Know More About You Than You Expect

Another short extract from Episode 2 called How Does Card Reading Work?, you can see the whole here. Below the video you will find the written version.

 I also want to remind you that I am spreading cards professionally now so if you want to order card reading, you can contact me here


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Anna Solun

Reading cards reveal the layers of reality (and your psyche) which you might not be aware of. I shall concentrate on the psyche in the second season of Solunism but now let me just give you an example.

A friend for whom I was spreading the cards told her friend about me and she asked if I could spread the cards for her, too. I agreed, we met all the three and I started to answer her questions. It is not easy to talk with the completely unknown person about their life so I only concentrated on exactly what I saw in the cards. However, she did not seem convinced by my words and was replying me with, ‘Nooo!’ or ‘Not really’ so I felt a bit awkward and was wondering whether the cards were deceiving me or I could not read their message properly. After we were done and she left, my friend told me, ‘Everything you told her was true’.

As you can see sometimes you cannot see or do not want to acknowledge what I can already notice in the cards.

It is also the challenge for the card reader because they may notice very intimate aspect of another person’s life and I am going to talk about it more in the video about the ethics and responsibilities of spreading cards.


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