Excerpt: My Divination Decks. Runes

Here is a short extract from Episode 3 called My Divinationary Decks, you can see the whole here. Below the video you will find the written version.

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Anna Solun


I use the Elder Futhark, the 24 sign alphabet of the Germanic tribes, created to be carved on the hard materials like wood or stones (which explains its shape consisting of lines, not of curves like the alphabets destined to be written on paper). It was later shortened to 16 signs and called the Younger Futhark and the inhabitants of the British Isles were using yet another version, the 32 rune Anglo-Saxon Futhark.

Why the name futhark? It comes from the runes in first aett (segment): Fehu Uruz Thurisaz Ansuz Raidho Kenaz (it you take the first letters of these names you will get the word futhark).

Each rune had not only the phonetic value but also the hidden magical meaning and is associated with particular deity, element and nature. This divinationary system requires imagination from the reader because you have to look at the shape of the rune and get the information from its position, angles etc. In the video I am giving you the example of the rune Kenaz which clearly shows opening (for knowledge or another person). You can also use the deck with the graphic representation of the runes such as The Power of The Runes deck by Voenix which I use.


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