Excerpt: Why I Use Earth Based Oracle Cards

Here is a short extract from Episode 4 called My Oracle Decks, you can see the whole here. Below the video you will find the written version.

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Anna Solun


I do not use any type of angel oracle cards. I will post a separate video to give you my reasons for staying away from this kind of oracle cards.


The oracle cards I use are quite earth-based despite the strong influence of master number 11 in my numerology. The master number 11 is the one which makes their owners wander in different dimensions (as someone has called it they are launched into space). Their bodies might be still on Earth but their attention is in another place. I am definitely this kind of person but when it comes to the oracle decks, I keep my feet on the ground. I am interested mostly in the cards referring to the animals, plants (especially trees) or gemstones which are based on the cultural knowledge common to various cultures in the whole world. They are connected with primordial, archetypical understanding which the ancient people have developed and have rich, meaningful associations (when you hear the name raven you think of the messenger, when you hear the word hare you think of fertility, etc). This is why I believe that using this kind of oracle cards you not only get the answer but also learn more about your psyche by contacting the archetypical images which are already in your mind.


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