Excerpt: Cards Are Great Tool For Self-development

Here is a short extract from Episode 5 called What You Need To Spread The Cards, you can see the whole here. Below the video you will find the written version.

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Anna Solun


I think anyone can use oracle cards which are based on egregores. I will explain in further videos what egregores are but for now let me just say that an egregore is a collective thoughtform which is present in our mind. One of the examples of the egregores are angels so if you pick up an angel oracle card, you perceive it as the message from the angels and are naturally open to the meaning of the card. You will not obtain the detailed answer but you do not need much knowledge to interpret them. This is why the oracle cards are so simple to use (and so popular right now).

However, when it comes to the structured, divinationary cards (Tarot, runes, Lenormand cards, geomantic cards, gypsy cards, playing cards), they are definitely more requiring. They include symbols and archetypes therefore they need an interpretation and deeper way of thinking. You have to be able to see things from a wider perspective. When you work with this type of cards you have to be open to change, transform, change your thought patterns, develop and grow.  This is never an easy and quick process so you might get frustrated at some point. If you do not have thee basic emotional maturity, you might project your feeling of failure onto cards and think they are ‘Satan’s tool’ but in reality this attitude only shows your lack of maturity.

Cards are great tool for self – development if you are ready to learn. Even if you do not believe they can foretell the future, they can show you the present situation and help you understand it.


They require a lot from you and to work with them you must be patient and persistent. You have to work with your own psyche and become self-aware because cards reflect also the Shadow part of it. If you analyse the cards you come to the moment when you have to face them and here the question appears whether you are ready to do it or not. If you are not, you will reject the cards (and the Shadow part of yourself).

All the cards but particularly this type of decks also require pure intentions and integrity in every day life. Even if you are being mentally fed with the ‘I-don’t-have-to-be-perfect’ or ‘I-am-already-perfect’ or ‘I-am-beautifully-flawed’ mantras of your spiritual teachers, you should give up this way of thinking when it comes to cards. They need you to be better and better person, you cannot stick to average personality if you want to work with them. If you want to listen to the ‘I-don’t-have-to-be-perfect’ mantras in every day life, you can do it. It is your choice and I am not going to comment on it.

However, if you want to use this attitude toward the work with cards I must warn you it is very limiting. You simply have to try to be better person than you were yesterday, otherwise you will only learn the craft, not the art of spreading cards. You have to be ready to abandon some aspects of your behaviour which might be comfortable for you but do not help you to grow beyond your comfort zone and are in fact blocking you. You have to be careful about your intentions because if you act out of the basic parts of your psyche such as Ego or Shadow, you might actually do more harm than good.  You have to make your thoughts, words and deeds one, not to say one thing, think about the other and act in yet another way.  You have to be impeccable. You have to be immaculate like the Persian goddess Anahita.

If you are not ready to commit yourself to this aspect of working with cards, you better not take up the divinationary decks. Nobody forces you after all.


4 responses to “Excerpt: Cards Are Great Tool For Self-development

  1. Strangely enough, i have been looking for the Goddess Anahita recently 🙂

    • I have impression she is somehow not appreciated enough in the modern pantheon of the old gods and goddesses but I hope you found the information about her

  2. Konrad von Austerlitz

    Good essay: The gurus of You’re-so-beautifully-flawed. May Fortuna’s smile not fade. KvA

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