Excerpt: Which Came First, Divisionary System Or A Deck?

Here is a short extract from Episode 6 called What Kind of Deck You Should Use, you can see the whole here. Below the video you will find the written version.


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Anna Solun


You may wonder whether you should choose the divinationary system first and then search for the appropriate deck within this system or choose the deck first and simply adjust to its system.

I have experienced both ways of finding the deck.

When I was very young, just twenty, I got interested in the Tarot cards and was studying its theory although I limited myself only to books and articles at that time without owning an actual deck. A couple of years later I finally felt ready to buy my own deck (it was Tarot of the Mermaids by Lo Scarabeo) and started to work with the cards.

However, my experience with runes was totally different. One day I saw a beautiful, absolutely stunning deck used by a fortune teller on TV (later I found out it was Power of the Runes by Voenix) and found it so fascinating that I felt I simply must have it :D. So I bought it and later started to search for the information about the runes, its meanings, origins, legends and so on.

  Both attitudes are good but the essential thing is to be ready to work hard with the cards and to transform your personality while discovering them.


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