Excerpt: Creating Bond With The Deck

Here is a short extract from Episode 7 called How To Work With The Deck, you can see the whole here. Below the video you will find the written version.


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Anna Solun


I realise it may sound strange because you associate creating the bond rather with living creatures than with the objects such as cards. However, cards are the tool to communicate with the higher dimension so by “personalising” your deck you are sending a signal there saying, I am ready to hear the answers from you.

On the practical level, we usually initialise the cards by moving them above the flame of a candle so that it can absorb the energy of fire. I also do it above the bowl of water, the incense (energy of air and wind) and the stone to complete all the four elements. However, the ritual details are not as important as your feeling that this is now your deck and you are ready to communicate with it.

Again, I understand this may seem weird to many but this is the signal sent to the deeper layers of psyche that now you are ready to communicate with the higher dimension.


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