Excerpt: Daily Work With Cards

Here is a short extract from Episode 7 called How To Work With The Deck, you can see the whole here. Below the video you will find the written version.


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Anna Solun


It depends. There is the general belief that cards are your personal object just like toothbrush and they are soaked up with your energy so you should not let other people touch them.

If you buy a new deck then it most probably is already packed in the factory and you will be the only person touching it. However, if you get the already used cards (and some question whether you should even use at all the cards which belonged to somebody else), you should first cleanse them from the previous owner’s energy. No matter how good their vibes are, these are not your vibes and remember that the cards are to speak to you. In this case cleaning the deck is essential.

I also realise that some people are not so strict in allowing others touch their cards, I think it is up to an individual.


After initialising the deck the real work begins. You will probably be working on two levels:

-intellectual, almost “scientific” level when you search for the information in books and articles to find the information about the basic, traditional meaning of cards

-your own, personal level of communicating with the deck which concentrates on your practical experience and understanding of the cards’ language.

Obviously, it is not an easy nor quick to do task, it requires a lot of hard and regular work and you might in fact get discouraged at some point.

All this is applied to the structured, divinationary decks, I do not refer to the oracle cards here.


One of the best and most popular way of getting familiar with the cards is picking the daily card. You may pose a question What will happen in my life today?  What can I expect today? What should I pay my attention to today? or, the most constructive, What can I do to make the best of today?

On the practical level I advise you to do it the previous day in the evening because mornings are usually quite busy and you may not have enough time to concentrate.

In the evening you can also wonder about the whole day’s sequence of events to see if and how the card’s message has manifested in your life. I suggest writing them down so that you can come back to them later and see if you can observe any patterns in what the cards say.


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