Excerpt: Do Not Learn Cards By Heart

Here is a short extract from Episode 7 called How To Work With The Deck, you can see the whole here. Below the video you will find the written version.


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Anna Solun


We have this attitude imprinted in our brains that learning is always something we have to do by heart. Of course, there are some basic card meanings that you just have to memorise but again you have to adapt yourself to the language of the cards. It will be easier for you to learn by watching the story they are telling, after all the right hemisphere corresponding to the perception of images is also responsible for long term memory. At some point of your work with cards you will just understand the meanings and will not have to analyse or search for the flaws in your reasoning.

However, you have to remember that it is a never-ending work resembling the onion which consists of many layers. Anytime you think that you already understand something, another layer will appear to show you that there is much more meaning hidden deeper inside.

Do not expect that you would be ready to read the cards after a week-end course. Even if a famous card author organises a huge workshop for multitude of people which lasts just a couple of days and awards you with a certificate stating that you can read the cards, do not deceive yourself. Working with cards is a long and hard work so do not expect the immediate results. Sadly we live in the times where we want the flashy things in an immediate and effortless way and learning the language of cards certainly is not one of these. But perhaps this is why I like it so much, after all I am Saturn’s child who prefers the complex and long term tasks which in the end bring much more joy.


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