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Excerpt: Start Using Spreads

Here is a short extract from Episode 7 called How To Work With The Deck, you can see the whole here. Below the video you will find the written version.


When you advance in your work, start making spreads to see more meanings and the connection the cards have with one another. At some point one card is simply not enough.

You can spread the cards for family and friends (if they accept you and the things you do) or work in the Internet groups or forums. Just let know that you are learning and will not take money but what you need is the verification to see if you get the meaning of the cards. Remember to respect the privacy of the person who asks you the question.

Some say you should not spread the cards for yourself because you are not objective. Although I generally agree, I must say I have always been doing it. My reason is that if you spread the cards for yourself (especially in the initial stages of your work with cards), at least you will not do any harm to other people. If you are not careful and do not work on your psyche, it is very easy to do the harm while reading cards for somebody. I follow the Buddha’s rule and try to always verify if the things I do, have no harmful effect on the other people. And in the end, sooner or later, you will simply HAVE TO learn to be objective because even if you project your desired outcomes onto the cards, reality will verify your prediction.