Is New Age Greed Subverting Spirituality?

That’s a good point.The real spiritual growth is a journey into the unknown, not ‘attracting wealth and abundance’. Don’t let yourself be deceived.

Sophia's Children

The Worship of Mammon, 1909, by Evelyn Pickering De Morgan. The Worship of Mammon, 1909, by Evelyn Pickering De Morgan.

“The law of attraction is a wildly-popular modern mystical belief hyped as the secret to fulfilling your every desire. It has big celebrity endorsements, and commercial products rehashing its claims sell in abundance.

But beneath the glossy façade there’s often an agenda pushing egocentrism and greed in metaphysical garb, which limits consciousness and subverts spirituality for shallow materialistic ends.”

~ Matthew Butler, “How Materialism Posing as Mysticism Limits Consciousness and Subverts Spirituality,” Waking Times

The ‘glossy façade’ that Matthew speaks of is well and cleverly crafted, and has a very specific agenda that has little to do with our wellbeing.

Source: "Paranoid Advertising" article, Politusic (link below) Source: “Paranoid Advertising” article, Politusic (link below)

It’s not just the New Age spirituality, of course; any of the spiritual paths can be and have been co-opted as ‘covers’ to serve more dubious or outright toxic aims.

One of the purposes…

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2 responses to “Is New Age Greed Subverting Spirituality?

  1. Thank you for sharing this musing, Anna, and for stopping by for a visit with Sophia’s Children. Goddess Blessings! Jamie

    • It’s always good to read the voice of reason in the world that seems to becoming more and more insane. Thank you.

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