Remember the verse, not the hand that wrote it (Dead Boy’s Poem, Nightwish) so you only need to know that I am a linguist and my mother tongue is the language of myths, legends&symbols.

I am not a professional card reader but I love spreading them.

If, however, you want to find out more about me, here is my personal blog, my profile on Google + and my Twitter account.

4 responses to “ABOUT ME

  1. Zahara Atiyeh

    Thank you for your insight.
    Unfortunately I am not able to get any of the links to work.
    I am looking for a group of cards either tarot or oracle. Please send an e-mail address and I will send you images of the cards I cannot find.

    • I’m not quite sure which links do you mean? All the pictures are in the wordpress database so there shouldn’t be any problems. My email address is in the left column, plz contact me if you have any questions.

  2. Can you direct me to possible information related to Goddess work with animals and specifically canines? I am drawn greatly and desire to do more research in relation to my connection to “Mother”

    • Thank you very much for commenting. I am not a Wiccan myself so I think I shouldn’t give you any prarticular suggestions about worshipping goddesses. I only analylse their myths on the cultural and psychological background and draw divinationary meanings out of that. Greetings 🙂

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