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Excerpt: Gemstones Predict The Future by Edyta Hedger

Here is a short extract from Episode 4 called My Oracle Decks, you can see the whole here. Below the video you will find the written version.

 I also want to remind you that I am spreading cards professionally now so if you want to order card reading, you can contact me here


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Kamienie Wróżą (Gemstones Predict The Future) by Edyta Hedger

This is the deck I have been writing about extensively on Land Of Goddesses, also ladies from fellow YouTube channels have made very detailed walk-throughs.

Sun in Leo, Time For Ishtar

This time of the year Leo enters the sign of Leo so I thought I may remind you one of the goddesses associated with this animal. My choice is Ishtar, you can read more about her in this post.

I have also been asked about the Kamienie Mówią gemstone oracle deck so I just want to clarify that all I translated is here on my blog (see all the posts here). I skipped some parts from the booklet including spreads, mostly because I had neither time nor energy to deal with the whole text. Besides I think this info was not essential and you can use the cards without it, after all I suspect you already have some experience when it comes to oracle cards and most of us have their own favourite spreads anyway. However, I have just been told that one of my readers may translate the missing parts in the future, in this case I will definitely help her and post her translation on the blog, too.

I have also been asked about my own deck. I must tell you that so far the whole work was done on the practical level, i.e. I was gaining insight and experience in communicating with the cards by spreading them to my family and friends and I think at this point I am really satisfied with what I learnt. The time to move my work to the artistic level is getting closer, I think at the beginning of next year I will be able to inform you about the progress and offer you some practical opportunities to see how it works. I will definitely keep you updated and for now I am leaving you with Ishtar.

Ishtar in The Oracle of the Goddess by Gayan Sylvie Winter&Jo Dosé

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Thank you Lindenheart and Cuilfaen for mentioning my blog in your videos!

Here are the links to the wonderful walk-through they did about the gemstone oracle cards Kamienie Wróżą which I have written about on Land of Goddesses.


Link 1
Link 2
Link 3



I am glad I somehow helped to promote this deck and it is great to see you have clearly enjoyed it. To answer the question which has arisen in the videos: I have contacted the publishing house and offered my translation if they should consider an international edition but got no reply. Not even don’t call us, we’ll call you. Ah well…

The good thing is that you can still buy this deck from the Polish shop osiem.com.pl and it is ridiculously cheap, in fact the shipping cost outside Poland is higher than the cost of the deck itself. I got the feedback from Judy (thank you for info!) that she got the delivery to the UK without any problems. If you want to contact the shop here is their email: osiem(at)osiem.com.pl. To make things clear: neither I have any affiliation with the shop nor any profits from the sale, I just want to provide you with the information of how to get the deck in an easiest way.

And one more thing: indeed I have not translated the whole booklet, I have left out the spreads included there because I assumed that each of us has their own favourite patterns of spreading cards. However, if you really want to read what are the spreads created for this deck, let me know.

And just in case you want to see all the cards gathered in one place, you can go to my account on Pinterest, they are on this board.

And I have surprise for you! After a few years of hesitation, reluctance and procrastination, I have eventually decided to start my own YouTube channel. I have no idea if this is a good idea at all but the thing is that if I do not start, I will never find out. When I was recording the first video I have not yet known what it would be about but later the vision has become clearer. The title of the cycle is Solunism, the first episode is just an introduction, I mostly talk about what I do but I can already reveal that in the first season I will concentrate on the topic of card reading. I hope you will enjoy these videos and get the information you seek. Each new episode will be available on YouTube and my blog during the weekend.

Here are the links

My channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCl-mdBnJgPwTjnffsh3anuw

My blog https://thequeendomofannasolun.wordpress.com/2015/12/27/solunism-season-01-episode-01-introduction/

Episode 1 https://youtu.be/P6AAHC03Nxc

I am still very anxious about it and am not sure if it is a good idea at all but hopefully at least some of you will find it useful.

Thank you very much for reading, commenting and liking the blog entries and see you next year!

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1. JET
Zodiac sign: Scorpio, Capricorn/ planet: Pluto, Saturn
Regular position:
DARKNESS which enables us to see the value of light, problems appearing on your life path so that you could face them, gathering strength necessary to begin a new stage in life, unknown areas, influence of the past on your present life
Reversed position:
end of a cycle, mourning, death, burying old ideas, parting, farewell, departure, ending a stage of life, contemplation


Zodiac sign: Scorpio, Capricorn, Virgo/ planet: Saturn, Pluto, Sun
Regular position:
KNOWLEDGE, cognition, learning, strong protection, secret knowledge, message, letter, impulse, unexpected coincidence, discovering secret, finding something precious where we would have never expected to find it
Reversed position:
bad influence, fear, anxiety, thought forms of a sick imagination, bad feelings, false hopes, a trickster, fraud, devious attitude, something you should part with

schorl with piryte

Zodiac sign: Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn/ planet: Pluto, Uranus
Regular position:
METAMORPHOSIS, reevaluation of things, suffering which makes you a better person, transfiguration, beginning of a new path, clear idea, clarity of beliefs
Reversed position:
tears, pain which we have to go through, sadness, worthless principles which block your growth, numbness, searching for, loss, forgetfulness


Zodiac sign: Aries, Pisces/ planet: Venus, Jupiter
Regular position:
ATTRACTING people and events which are aimed to play essential part in our lives, getting rich, expectations met, finding the right partner, recovering something lost, finding yourself, meeting, date, a speaker
Reversed position:
bad habits, vices, being too attached to an idea, addiction, being weak – willed, rejecting a friend, a mistake, a pernicious custom which we are not even aware of, lack of distance to a problem, hanging out with just anyone


Zodiac sign: Aries, Scorpio/ planet: Mars, Jupiter
Regular position:
COURAGE, firmness, nobleness, weapon against adversities, way to defeat an enemy, decisiveness, fight in defense of values, defending your rights, prophetic dreams, warning of danger
Reversed position:
tyranny, ruthlessness, immutability of judgments, lack of flexibility, aggression, declaration of war, vindictiveness, devotion, valour, unnecessary suffering


Zodiac sign: Capricorn/ planet: Saturn
Regular position:
PERIODICITY, natural support, eternity, remembrance of someone or something, work for future generations, individuality, predicting future, care of a man, a good moment to take action
Reversed position:
being bossy, spitefulness, stubbornness, pessimism, old age, painstaking work, long – term study, need for patience and endurance, poor time management, excessive ambitions, jealousy


Zodiac sign: Cancer/ planet: Pluto
Regular position:
FORGIVENESS, grace, gift, harbinger of happiness, unexpected and extraordinary event, an end of a difficult stage of life, release, revival, exultation, rapture, enchantment, creation, becoming true to yourself, strong healing energy
Reversed position:
unconscious participation in a marvelous spectacle of life, not recognizing an essential change, underestimating the comfort of life, wandering in the dark, need to open your eyes to the truth, being blinded by less important things, wasting your life, ingratitude, mediocrity




Zodiac sign: Leo, Aries, Scorpio/ planet: Mars, Venus
Regular position:
LOVE, altruism, happiness in love, being romantic, marriage, connection, activity, passion, man of action, favourable turn of events, help
Reversed position:
unconstrained passions, emotions you cannot control, jealousy, vindictiveness, anger, infatuation, hatred, aggression, cruelty


Zodiac sign: Scorpio, Aries/ planet: Mercury
Regular position:
MIGHT, a good leader, support, father, fundamental truth, challenges, prowess, a hero, ambitions, reinforcement, health, overcoming weakness, fresh feeling, falling in love
Reversed position:
need of inspiration, lack of family support, a braggart, complex, weakening commitment, routine, monotony in a relationship, searching for new sensations

red jasper

Zodiac sign: Taurus, Libra/ planet: Venus, Uranus
Regular position:
GENTLENESS, freshness, childhood, tenderness, fulfillment, revival, a fresh look, completing another stage of creation
Reversed position:
too much attention for the body, immaturity, indecision, lack of experience, vague idea, obesity

rose quartz

Zodiac sign: Libra, Pisces, Cancer/ planet: Mars
Regular position:
ANCESTORS, tradition, solid base, family values, medium, a witch, magic, love spells, seduction, mutuality, invoking, lucky coincidence, a woman, female friends, a female dancer
Reversed position:
hidden truth, manipulation, spell, retreating into one’s shell, rigid way of thinking, need for tenderness, solitude, confusion, need for socializing, shame

precious coral

Zodiac sign: Aries, Gemini, Virgo, Cancer/ planet: Mercury
Regular position:
CARNALITY, working on fit, strengthening workout, an attack, activity, being go – getting, authority, action, masculinity, a human being, strengthening the beliefs, building, verifying theory in practice
Reversed position:
anger, fury, emotions getting out of control, facing problems, temporariness, makeshift, absence of mind, confusion, weakening, excessive cult of the body


Zodiac sign: Scorpio, Aries, Leo, Sagittarius/ planet: Pluto, Mars
Regular position:
PASSION, optimism, multiplying happiness, engagement to be married, love, change resulting from feelings, date, hidden feeling, self – confidence
Reversed position:
emotions you cannot control, burning out, gossiping, evil in the guise of beauty, drugs, need to rescue, sin, feeling hurt, betrayal


Zodiac sign: Libra/ planet: Uranus, Venus
Regular position:
TOLERANCE, freeing from limitations, liberation, healing broken heart, rescued relationship, tender care, a young person of a mature nature, choice, making decisions all by yourself, free will
Reversed position:
being narrow – minded, inability to free yourself from your own limitations, egoism, lack of care, inner solitude, religious fanaticism, intolerance, stupidity

watermelon tourmaline




Zodiac sign: Cancer, Taurus/ planet: Venus, Saturn

Regular position:

REVIVAL, life, regeneration, the power of nature, energy increasing, youth, well – being, making complicated matters clear, renewed friendship or love

Reversed position:

ruthlessness, being unrelenting, rapacity, ordeal, cruelty, greed, insensibility, indifference to the problems of others



Zodiac sign: Aries, Scorpio/ planet: Mars, Venus

Regular position:

SACRIFICE, suffering, forgiveness, become mature, satisfactory charity work, love for others, sacrifice for family and loved ones, brotherhood, connection, oath

Reversed position:

ingratitude, underestimation, intolerance, thoughtlessness, overlooking, mediocrity, atheism, an unbeliever, loss, perdition



Zodiac sign: Pisces, Libra/ planet: Sun, Mercury

Regular position:

PROSPERITY, inner peace, bliss, time of peace, agreement, summer, excursion, vacation, pleasure, giving or receiving help, a good team, someone you can rely on, a teacher, a diplomat, a philosopher

Reversed position:

balancing on the edge, imprudence, too high self – esteem, memory, dream, sleep, longing for something that will not come back, distorted view of present situation, escape



Zodiac sign: Scorpio, Taurus/ planet: Venus, Moon

Regular position:

NATURE, returning to the source, instinct, contacting the forces of Nature, soothing, understanding animals and plants, co – existence, a shaman, an explorer, a searcher

Reversed position:

fatigue, need to rest, negative aspects of civilisation, loss of natural energy, imbalance, lack of respect to the laws of Nature, contact broken off, asking for forgiveness



Zodiac sign: Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius/ planet: Earth, Saturn

Regular position:

RESPONSIBILITY, care for the Planet, ecology, empathy, home, care about your loved ones and environment, peace, acting as a group

Reversed position:

destruction, predominant ego, lack of respect for others, carelessness, lack of foresight, stupidity, isolation, fooling yourself, commercialism, destroying individuality, destroying nature, arrogance



Zodiac sign: Aquarius, Gemini, Cancer/ planet: Venus, Moon

Regular position:

HOPE, enjoying the moment, precious present moment, taking care of your loved ones, being natural in love, acceptance, serene mood, optimism, action plan, socializing, liking, telepathy, joy, family house

Reversed position:

longing for the loved one, temporary separation, waiting, necessary effort, fervent prayer and strong belief that what you are asking for will be given to you, temptations



Zodiac sign: Virgo, Cancer/ planet: Jupiter, Venus

Regular position:

MASTERY, perfection, happy medium, knowledge and reasoning, longevity, good memory, unlimited possibilities, talent shown in action, patience rewarded, a master, a fiancé, a fiancée

Reversed position:

searching for an authority figure, studying, persistent learning, consequent practice, pursuit of wealth, beginning of the journey, persistence





Zodiac sign: Leo, Gemini, Scorpio, Virgo/ planet: Sun

Regular position:

TRUTH, decisiveness, willpower, self – assurance, bringing plans into reality, activity, progress, victory, wisdom, intellect, logical reasoning, maturity, clairvoyance, acuity, honesty, integrity

Reversed position:

leadership skills, seeing through falsehood and hypocrisy, fighting depression, reinforcement, being on the right path, new approach, the need of personal fulfillment and self – development



Zodiac sign: Scorpio, Sagittarius, Libra / planet: Neptune, Sun

Regular position:

INSPIRATION, new ideas, eagerness, the beginning of work, movement, impulse, birth of an idea, high self-esteem, family house, family, purification

Reversed position:

embarrassment, hidden skills, blocked development, waiting too long for the right moment, lack of fulfillment, lack of support from the loved ones, toxic family, lack of understanding from the relatives

 fire agate


Zodiac sign: Leo, Gemini, Taurus/ planet: Neptune, Sun

Regular position:

JOY,  lightness, pleasure, nice event, kindness, joyous confidence, relaxation, joy of living, accepting past experiences, self-acceptance, easiness of socializing, meeting friends, a cheerful friend

Reversed position:

recklessness, a silly and not serious person, instability, volatility, fear, nightmares, feeling gloomy, isolation, jealousy



Zodiac sign: Gemini, Leo, Virgo / planet: Sun, Mercury

Regular position:

SETTLEMENT, stabilization, house, respecting tradition, finding your own place, attraction, liking, optimism, good health, serene thoughts, the sun, favour, kindness, trust, children, childlike joy, verification of judgement, biotherapy

Reversed position:

cooling relations, coldness, lack of support, vague goal, longing, lack of flexibility, insensitivity, victim, necessity to start treatment



Zodiac sign: Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Sagittarius/ planet: Mercury

Regular position:

VIGILANCE, acting quickly, independence, getting ready to leave the family house, understanding the nature of oneself, overcoming limitations, training, character building, manifestion of personality, self – control, a warrior, a disciple, a teenager, youth

Reversed position:

timidity, indecision, immaturity, uncertainty, lack of preparation, exam, test of character, aggression, anger, trick, hypochondria

 tigers eye


Zodiac sign: Capricorn/ planet: Earth

Regular position:

BALANCE, connection, fructification, earthly affairs, finding path, making a choice, task solved, getting to the core of a matter, modesty, credibility, seeing the deeper meaning

Reversed position:

blockade, being lost, blurred vision, lack of safety, low self – esteem, searching for oneself, materialism, avarice, imprisonment, confusion

 smoky quartz


Zodiac sign: Aquarius/ planet: Sun

Regular position:

HERITAGE, wealth, abundance, money, exposing falsehood, a witness, the wisdom of ancestors, testament, longevity, wise advice, vacation, satisfaction, dance, singing, happy celebration, wedding party

Reversed position:

involvement in the issues of other people, unclear situation, unofficial groups, avoidance, lack of energy, old age, weakening, time before vacation